Canned Fish Roulette

By now, you all have probably heard my canned tuna story.

If you haven’t, it goes like this: I was out grocery shopping one of my first weeks here and I picked up a few cans of fish to have in my pantry for those nights (or lunches) when you don’t feel like cooking. The wifi wasn’t working at this supermarket and I couldn’t get the offline Google Translate features to read the characters on the can, so I picked up a few cans all under 100 yen and threw them in my cart, hoping for the best.


What I learned in Preschool: Week 1

New beginnings are scary and they happen at all points in our lives.

Even though this was my first full week spent here in Toyohashi, it was only a two day school week with the students. Thursday was the preschool opening ceremony and Friday was spent mostly playing outside. Even though it was an abbreviated week, man oh man, they were still a busy and stressful two days!


End of Week One

One of my co-teachers told me today, “Living in this town is like living in Japan on hard mode.”

Having only been here for about a week and a half, this made me pause and think. She’s not wrong. I’m in the small city of Toyohashi, which is south of Nagoya, and even then my apartment is about 2 miles south of “center city”. So I’m basically in Japanese suburbia.