Thanksgiving Abroad 2019

Thanksgiving abroad is unsurprisingly just like every other day of the week here; wake up, work, have kids wipe mysterious things on your pants, make dinner, shower, bed. The routine looked the same yesterday, and it’ll look the same as tomorrow.

It’s very underwhelming.

But its probably similar to my reaction to the bank holidays here that don’t translate to other cultures. I’m just happy to have a random day off…

And it’s not like Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday, but it’s very strange having people from South Africa, the UK, and the Philippines wish you a “Happy Thanksgiving” and then ask if you’ll be celebrating.

Celebrate how? Pretty sure I’ve NEVER seen a turkey, the ingredients for stuffing, or cranberry sauce in ANY of the dozens of food stores I’ve visited in my eight months here…

Trying to tell a room full of 4 year olds about the tradition of Thanksgiving is just like trying to tell them about the 4th of July. It doesn’t really go over too well. Something about big words, English as their second language, and them being Japanese doesn’t make for a very in-depth conversation. Oh well. I did prepare a turkey craft to get in the spirit of things, but the munchkins ended up just having fun crafting and getting glue all over their fingers.

I did feel like a strange little fish out of water today though. This is the first Thanksgiving I’ve “missed”. Each year of being in school or working, I’ve had this day off to spend with my family, set up our Christmas tree, and help cook dinner (or get in the way as someone else cooked dinner). But today was just another day here. It was just the last Thursday in November, and in Japan on the last Thursday in November there are no Macy’s Day Parades, no Dog Shows, and no Christmas trees. Today I felt the homesickness.

22 Days until I’m home for Christmas. (But who’s counting?)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful friends and family! Eat an extra slice of apple pie for me today, okay?

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Abroad 2019

  1. Dad

    Sweetie! I will always have a place set for you and your brother no matter if you are here or not!

    Love you and can’t wait to see you and Ben in 22 DAYS!!!!!!

    Love Dad!

    Liked by 1 person

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