Favorite Grocery Store in Toyohashi

After visiting every grocery store in a walkable 7 mile radius from my apartment, I think I found my new go to supermarket.

Of course I still visit a few of my favorites each weekend if I don’t have other plans. Because going to the food store counts as a major weekend outing right? (I know you agree with me at least Dad.)

But this store is so cool! It’s like a Japanese cross between a Trader Joe’s and Aldi’s and if you know me, you know those are two of my absolute favorite stores. It’s a small store, but has a ton of interesting import foods and some familiar brands (hello Heinz, Nutella, Hellmann’s, and Old El Paso). But, major win, they had rolled oats!! Not Quaker oats, but rolled oats for a very decent price and I almost cried with joy. Oat’s are my go to for cheap healthy lunches, pancakes, and baked goods. Don’t laugh, they’re good for you! I eat them everyday for lunch, and of course all the kiddos always ask what my funny looking mush is. Every. Single. Day.

Anyway, this store is called Gyomu Super and its about an 8 minute bike ride from my apartment. I can even get there without a GPS now! It sort of resembles a warehouse on the inside: most of the space is taken up by long freezer aisles (like Trader Joe’s, but less perky and quirky) and the merchandise on the shelves and floor is displayed right from the cardboard boxes it arrived in the store in. So not a very attractive shop, but oh so familiar. It doesn’t accept credit cards, only a few employees work at once, boxes everywhere, store brands with some name brands, and a bunch of import items! And there are import and halal items everywhere! It’s so cool. Brazilian brands, Indian, American, Filipino, some Italian and German as well. Not a huge huge selection of anything, but enough to have a decent selection of options for the weekly menu.

Just like Aldi’s cheap produce, I was suspect of Gyomu’s cheap produce as well, but so far everything I’ve purchased has been the same quality as the larger name brand chain stores. This was one of those random happy accidental discoveries I stumbled upon about a month ago and now it’s easily my new favorite store. The only thing its lacking is the free samples that some of the other shops have… but I have a list of those as well. I have a few that I’ll frequent if I want to free sample my way through lunch on a Sunday morning.

I promise I’ve gotten out and done fun things on the weekends as well, but honestly, exploring food stores is one of my favorite ways to get to know a new area. (Stop laughing at me Dad, I picked this up from you!)

Food stores also make the best places to pick up souvenirs for loved ones back home. So y’all better believe I’ll be picking up massive bags of fun candies and cookies to bring back as gifts!

8 thoughts on “Favorite Grocery Store in Toyohashi

  1. Dad

    Who’s laughing?! I have said for years; food stores are my favorite stores because everything I buy in a food store I will use! Of course HomeDepot is a close second!

    The women that give out samples at HMart have been asking where you are! LOL!

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  2. Elsie Zimmitti

    You picked up the grocery store shopping from Grandpa Z . He worked in an A&P for forty {40} years.
    Did all the shopping, which was a pleasing {at the time} Who wanted to shop with all the kids we had?

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  3. alliezimmitti

    Allie, I really enjoy your Blog! You’re very ambitious & amazing! Remember the Pool at your House at 11 Steven’s Way, I used to bring you& your Brother, Ben, gifts. You guys had Hamsters in a cage!

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      1. alliezimmitti

        Thanks for responding! Hope all is well with you in Japan! I do love your Blog , very interesting & amusing.
        I’m not sure if they were hamsters or gerbils, but I do remember your parents setting up the Christmas Decorations at your home!

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  4. alliezimmitti

    Hi Allie! I really enjoy your comments about your kids! The latest one was very
    amusing, I think it was about your Kids having control about “Bodily Functions “.

    I did send your Dad, Jim a gmail for Father’s Day. He is enjoying his Vegetable Garden! Growing so many veggies.
    Hope Benjamin is doing well at MI.
    I still really miss your Mom.
    We had some great times together.
    We lived so close to each other, we did bicycle rides, hot air balloons(which you included in your Mom’s Memorial Service).

    Love you!


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