Canned Fish Roulette

By now, you all have probably heard my canned tuna story.

If you haven’t, it goes like this: I was out grocery shopping one of my first weeks here and I picked up a few cans of fish to have in my pantry for those nights (or lunches) when you don’t feel like cooking. The wifi wasn’t working at this supermarket and I couldn’t get the offline Google Translate features to read the characters on the can, so I picked up a few cans all under 100 yen and threw them in my cart, hoping for the best.

Again, key words: hoping for the best.

Anyway, the first can I opened turned out to be canned chicken which I counted as a win. Not exactly what I wanted, but close and tasted good mixed with mayo and a little pepper. The second can, however, turned out to be chunks of mackerel in a sticky yellow sauce. Definitely not tuna. Never had mackerel before and never had an inkling for it either, but I wasn’t about to let some dead fish chunks beat me. So, since I purchased it, I tried it, and believe it or not, it was actually really good! And that was usually it, but I’ve since opened up and tried the contents of a few more cans from my tiny pantry and I thought I’d enlighten you all to my experience thus far.

My canned fish roulette continued with a third can that said “curry” on it, I wasn’t sure what type of curry it was or the type of meat it was. Turned out to be ground up chicken (or pork, still not 100% sure) that was in a gooey curry sauce that honestly looked like a can of cat food. Cat owners will look at it and agree, you all know what that stuff looks like. Still ate it though, put it over rice this time and paired it with some stir fried veggies.

3/3 guys!

I opened up what I thought was another mackerel can, but nope, couldn’t be that lucky right? Ran it under Google Translate in working Wifi and it turned out to be miso sardines. Never had a sardine either, but again, I bought it, so I had to eat it. There were two fillets in the can and the manufacturers were nice enough to remove the heads and tails before canning those little guys, so thankfully nothing was staring at me when I pulled it open. It was going well until I felt a crunch and then proceeded to pull parts of the backbone from my teeth for the next few minutes. How lovely. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad though, the most fishy tasting so far and not my favorite, but still edible.

Okay, after waiting a few days, I finally tried the final can. Honestly, the final can was a bit of a let down after the other exciting few, but this actually turned out to be honest to goodness tuna fish ā€“ taste and color were right at least. I knew I had to have bought at least one can! Now I just have to remember the store I bought it from and see if I can find it again…

Note to self: learn characters for “tuna” before next shopping excursion.

It’s so much fun grocery shopping without wifi or mobile data to help look things up on the fly. I know that offline Google translate exists, but it can only do so much and some of the guessed translations change depending on the angle I hold the camera. If I listened to it all the time I would think I’m buying “eagle rock Chinese” or “bay fish all eat” or sometimes “chair” or “darkness”. I mean, I love a good eagle rock Chinese, but a girl needs some protein in her diet.

6 thoughts on “Canned Fish Roulette

  1. madrej8

    Haha I was thoroughly entertained this entire post! Girl, if trying unknown-cat-food-looking-fish doesn’t count as a spark of bravery, I don’t know what does. Super brave and super fun! Oh, here, look for this when shopping for tuna next time: šŸŸ

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  2. Jim

    I have been telling you your whole life to try the Kipper Snacks and sardines mom and I would eat but NOOOO! If we knew the easist way to get you to eat things was to make you spend your own money on said food dinner would have gone much smother when you were a child! LOL! Actually you and your brother were pretty good eaters compared to many kids!

    Also I don’t care what you think you ate from the one can that looks like cat food. It was cat food! I have opened enough cat food cans to know and the picture on the can even looks like a cat food can but hey, if it tasted OK and you haven’t started gagging up fur balls I would count it as a win too!!

    Love You,


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    1. allisonjamie

      Hahaha where’s the fun in rice forever!? But seriously though, I try to buy the super mysterious stuff on sale so if it’s really terrible I don’t feel too bad getting rid of it after a bite or two!


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