Peanut Butter Chronicles: part 1

Peanut butter is its own food group in my world.

It belongs on bread, apples, oatmeal, waffles, pancakes, spoons, fingers you name it! So imagine my horror at discovering that Japan doesn’t really “do” peanut butter like the US does it. I took two jars of Trader Joe’s PB with me, but I know that will run out eventually… if I pace myself though, I might make it last until May.

All seriousness aside, this is a major issue.

Good news is that I’ve found the teeny tiny Skippy Peanut Butter jars in some of the major grocery stores in Toyohashi. Bad news is that it cost almost the equivalent of almost $5.00 USD. Ouch. So if times get tough, I have a crutch. (I know I can buy it online as well, but its not that much cheaper… and plus sometimes you just need it asap).

What’s been interesting though, is that the supermarkets do sell their own Japanese “equivalent”, usually marked as peanut cream. Color me suspicious, but what I saw of it through the plastic container didn’t look exactly peanut buttery. Most don’t weigh enough to actually be real and others are a suspicious light cream color which doesn’t inspire too much confidence.

But in the name of research, aka curiosity, I broke down and bought one of the cheaper jars of the stuff, just to try (I also was shopping while hungry and that’s never a good idea). When I brought it back to the apartment and opened it, I just sort of stared at the contents; this was an abomination. It had the look and texture of thick jello and worst part was is that it did smell like peanuts. My nose and tastebuds read it as “peanut butter” but every other fiber of my being knew this was wrong.

I mean, look at that! It looks like peanut flavored jelly! Which is exactly what it felt like eating it off the spoon. It was a strange sensation. I don’t think putting it on a piece of bread would’ve helped, which I’m not just saying because I don’t have any bread, but I seriously don’t think it would’ve made it taste better.

Final ranking: 2/10

It had a peanut flavor and that’s about the only nice thing I can say about it. Next time I’m out, I’ll pick up a new one and we’ll see how that one compares!

6 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Chronicles: part 1

    1. madrej8

      Hey Mr. Jim,
      I already tried through amazon and they denied my order of 2 peanut butter jars and 2 oatmeal containers – I think it’s because food has to go through customs. Keep me posted on what you find. Maybe UPS or FedEx will ship to Japan?


  1. Carla Larson

    I think you’ll need to make your own. It’s easy but you might need to borrow a blender. Good luck with your quest to find real pb. Who knew!?
    Aunt Carla


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