What I learned in preschool: Voice burn out is real

There is a lot of talking involved in being a teacher.

My vocal-cords aren’t used to keeping up with the amount of talking that’s required on a daily basis. I woke up Tuesday morning (or rather I hardly slept at all that before because my throat hurt so badly), but when I turned my alarm off, it was a nasty surprise when I opened my mouth and no sound came out.

You’re probably thinking, “but Allie, who says things out loud first thing in the morning to themselves?” I hear the judgement in your thoughts, it’s okay. When you live alone, sometimes its a little bit comforting to think out loud and narrate your actions.

So I’ve gone into school each morning with voice capacity hovering somewhere between 25% – 45%. It’s about as much fun as it seems, especially when trying to keep the attention of a room full of three year olds.

I have no doubt this was the result of increased amounts of talking mixed with a delightful germ cocktail picked up from the munchkins. About half the class is sneezing or coughing or blowing their germs all over the air and, honestly, it was bound to happen. My money is on it being my first ever case of laryngitis.

In Japan, people wear face masks when they are feeling sick. They are perhaps a bit unsettling at first, but you’ll be thankful people wear one when they start coughing and the germs are contained and not heading in your direction. I stopped by the local grocery store Tuesday morning and picked up a bag of them because when in Rome… But let me tell you, when you have it on and breath into it, the hot air fogs up your glasses something awful. So not only was I hoarse, but if I wore my glasses I was a bit blind as well. Great first week of school!

I am, however, surrounded by gracious co-teachers who have all offered me throat lozenges, ginger tea, and condolences that this always happens to new teachers (thank you guys!). I have no idea how long this will last, but I’m just trying to take it easy and not talk (one of my favorite past times).

People always say you miss home the most when you’re a little bit under the weather. Now feeling a little bit under the weather myself, I can attest this to be true.

6 thoughts on “What I learned in preschool: Voice burn out is real

  1. madrej8

    you have an envelope for when you miss home!! 😉 but no pressure on that one, since you get an envelope today being that you finished your first week of teaching 🙂


  2. Aunt Carla

    Way to go, Allison! You’ve made it through week #1. It sounds like a remarkable adventure. I’m so proud of you!!! Rest that voice and enjoy your weekend!!


  3. Carla

    Wow, you’ve made it through week #1. Way to go!!! I know it seems hard now but it will only get easier and I can guarantee you’ll love it before too long.
    Hang in there! And rest that voice. No talking you yourself!!
    Aunt Carla

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