Inaugural Post

Hello and welcome to my tiny corner of the internet!

Consider this the launch of my shiny new blog, which has been a long time coming. A true welcome post will to follow shortly. The internet said I could set up a WordPress blog in less than 10 minutes, but I’ve been at it all day and I haven’t touched a fraction of the backend settings yet. I’ll figure things out as I go, and we’ll just experience this journey together.

SparkofBravery is going to be my unofficial diary of my travel, teaching, and life adventures. I have no idea what awaits me in the upcoming months or years, but I want to use this space to document my experiences, so if nothing else, I have material for my autobiography one day. And to, you know, share my experiences for my friends and family to keep track of me and for those looking to follow this path as well.

Here goes nothing Dad, I’m going to Japan!

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